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Sara Tamimi is a brand that’s constantly transforming and continually pushing the boundaries of conformity. The boldness of our brand is embodied by our cuts, fabrics and design; creations we define as wearable luxury.

Our vision is to create clothing that’s imprinted with cosmopolitan style and timeless elegance. While reflecting the energy of urban life we maintain a definite reverence for the past.

We do not aspire to promote fleeting trends, choosing instead to create pieces that will earn pride of place in our wearers’ wardrobes.



Looking back at pictures of older times and how fashionable women dressed got me a nostalgic feeling of what clothes represent - a lasting statement in each piece, an identity - all while keeping it feminine and luxurious.

Determined to bring back the grandeur of an earlier time to now, with my love for exploring unique fabrics and opulent textures, I designed my collection by mixing demure and daring. A construct with great attention to detail, these creations are made to flatter and last.

 X Sara